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Project Management


Marketing Representation

Product Supply

Outsourced Business Development

Business Development

Outsourced business development

What we do:

 » Providing research and analysis

 » An outsourced business development

 » Providing sales representation
 » Providing marketing services
 » Highly recommended since 2008

Hospital Equipment Ghana is a highly recommended outsourced business development and consulting firm located in Accra, Ghana. The core focus of our practice is sales, marketing, and analysis.

The term “business development” can mean different things depending on your audience. To us at Hospital Equipment Ghana, business development comprises of a number of techniques and responsibilities aimed at attracting new customers and penetrating markets. It is our mission to provide professional business development services at a fraction of the traditional cost.

At Hospital Equipment Ghana, our mission is to provide outsourced business development services to clients throughout the world. We mainly focus on West Africa and more specifically Ghana. We are fully bilingual and therefore cover French speaking and English speaking countries in West Africa.
Outsourcing is a common practice in the business world, as it has many practical benefits which includes;

 » Outsourcing helps control capital costs.

 » Outsourcing increases efficiency.

 » Outsourcing reduces labour costs.

 » Outsourcing starts new projects quickly.

 » Outsourcing helps you focus on your core business.

 » Outsourcing levels the playing field.

 » Outsourcing reduces risk.


As a small business with extensive experienced and experience in the health field and the outstanding understanding of the culture and the best approaches for the West Africa , our firm understands the complexities and challenges of growing a business. Therefore, we have experience regarding what works and what doesn’t. Our firm offers a “real world” and realistic approach that clients truly appreciate. We continue to save our clients time and money as they develop their businesses.

Our business model is designed to provide responsive services you can rely on without breaking the bank. Our firm consist of top notch experienced professionals in the health field in our subregion, business development experts and seasoned sales managers. With every client, we value candid communication, careful planning, and delivery. Each client is treated with respect and dignity as we provide concise answers to questions and clear direction. No client or project is insignificant and we prove it to our clients every day.

For direct contact on your projects, your products, your services contact us on: +233 270 113 728 / +233 270 113 729 or visit our contact page.